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e-Caribbean 2.0 is the further development of the framework around InteractLab, from our Phase 1. In this section, you can find digital artifacts for the teaching and learning of Caribbean Studies. With Archi! in the same section, you can search for specific interactive material across the platform.



Our archive specialist which contains a diverse collection of materials and information about the Hispanic Caribbean (soon more Caribbean locations will be added).

With Archi! you will be able to find the materials that include scholarly articles, books, blogs, videos, social media posts, podcasts, websites and much more. 

If you’re not yet sure what are you looking for, just type in keywords related to your search or select the tags below that relate to your topic of interest. Archi will present sources based off of the selection of filters you have chosen or the keywords that you have typed in. REMEMBER: filters and tags must be checked in. If none are selected, Archi! might not work properly.

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SPECIAL COLLECTION: Pesca artesanal en el Caribe

La investigación “Trazados mentales de pescadores artesanales en el Mar del Caribe colombiano” muestra cómo los pescadores artesanales de Old Providence, La Boquilla y Taganga, apoyados por su ‘conocimiento empírico’, crean marcas o puntos para navegar y pescar en el...

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NEWS | Conferences And Associations

conferences and associationssuggestions by: Caribbean Studies NetworkPUERTO RICOcubarepública dominicanaCONFERENCESSOCARE, Bielefeld University (Germany) July 1-3, 2019...

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