Other digital libraries and platforms in Caribbean studies suggested by csn

By Leslie Rodriguez-Vazquez

Digital Library of Caribbean Studies

The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is a cooperative digital library for resources from and about the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean.”


Enciclopedia de Puerto Rico

“Un proyecto de la Fundación Nacional de las Humanidades y la Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades.”

Repeating island

“Noticias y comentarios sobre la cultura, literatura y arte caribeño.” /”News and commentaries about culture, literature and art in the Caribbean.”

“Today the island contains priceless survivals of African cultures – Yoruba, Congo, Old Dahomey, and the Efik/Efo from the Cross River Delta (Nigeria), giving birth to Abakwa and Brikamo. In addition, Cuba hosts a number of communities from the diaspora, especially the Caribbean — Jamaica, the Bahamas, and other English speaking islands as well as Haiti.”